Web hosting

Our shared Web hosting service is perfect for most individual and small business sites. Our custom-tuned Linux servers can host static sites, content management systems like Drupal or WordPress, and many other Web applications based on PHP, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. We monitor our hosting performance and security 24x7x365, treating your site with the same care and attention as the world’s largest.

Plans start at $10/month (USD). To get started, contact us for quick, no-pressure sales. We’ll want to know about your disk space and bandwidth needs: the size of your site and the number of visitors you expect.

Our plans include email service for your domain name, with full spam and malware filtering. You can view email on the Web or with any email program, app, or mobile device that supports IMAP.

If you need something special, we can provide custom infrastructure for any demand: other software platforms, thousands of visitors per second, super-low latency around the globe, sophisticated security for high-risk sites, and more.